The Saintly Review is a publication of Emmanuel College’s “Editing and Publishing a Literary Magazine” course and an affiliate of the Emmanuel College English Department. The course aims to critically analyze the literary magazine as a genre and to develop students’ knowledge of and skill in the field of publishing. Students are involved in the collection and selection of submissions, development of the overall content of the The Saintly Review through editing, and distribution among the Emmanuel community. Ultimately, the magazine is informed by its mission: to nurture and publish outstanding student, staff, and faculty literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art, to foster the professional development of editors, writers, poets, and artists, and to enrich the Emmanuel College community by publishing a professional-quality literary magazine each fall. The Saintly Review also aims to align itself with the mission of the college: to educate students in a dynamic learning community rooted in the liberal arts and sciences and shaped by strong ethical values, a commitment to social justice and service, the Catholic intellectual tradition and the global mission of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The Saintly Review invites work from all corners of the Emmanuel community.

Emmanuel College – Boston, Massachusetts