“Carnal Desire” – Poem, 2018

Charlotte Sulick

Please believe I tried my best

to create pointed and powerful responses to your questions regarding

The ethics of meat eating during our class discussion

but my mind —

Could not escape the gnawing and biting of my own flesh from

inside me —

Poignant shadows of the way he grabbed my wrist and

pulled me —

But when I asked to leave and he said “no” and locked the door —

The cows didn’t deserve to be stolen from their mothers —

You tell the class that

“meat tastes good”

isn’t a good enough reason to eat it, that it isn’t a reason at all and —

Talking to the cooks at work about their weekends is not an invitation —

To bring the calves to slaughter they guide them through chutes

And it all feels safe until you hear the gate close and realize you’ve made a      terrible mistake

You tell yourself you won’t fall into that trap and then all of the sudden

The electric prodder is in your side 

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