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Who runs The Saintly Review?

This magazine is student-run. The editorial staff of this magazine consist of the students enrolled in English-3405 at Emmanuel College: “Editing and Publishing a Literary Magazine”, taught by Professor Dan Murphy. This is an amateur magazine, and so we cannot compensate writers and artists for their contributions. Our goal is to learn more about the publishing world and cultivate a magazine we can be proud of. In this class, students learn to nurture and publish outstanding student, staff, and faculty literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art; to foster the professional development of editors, writers, poets, and artists; and to enrich the Emmanuel College community.

Who gets published in The Saintly Review?

We are based out of Boston’s Emmanuel College, but we are accepting submissions from writers and artists across all five schools in the Colleges of the Fenway. We have sibling magazines at the other COF schools who also believe in student-led magazines to foster artistic and professional development: Sidelines, based out of Simmons University; Alchemy at MCPHS University; and Vision Magazine, from MassArt.

What’s with the slideshow of animals?

The Saintly Review‘s website operates on WordPress, and WordPress comes with a few templates to teach users and creators some of its core functions. As it turns out, the generic WordPress slideshow features three terrestrial mammals. When the current editorial theme saw the slideshow, we collectively had a cow and couldn’t bear part with them. So they will be sticking around on our inspiration page for now. They may be useful prompts for your contribution to the Review.

Who should I contact for further questions?

You can reach us at For more direct questions about the class, get in touch with our faculty supervisor, Professor Dan Murphy, at

Featured image courtesy of Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

The Saintly Review's editors are students enrolled in Emmanuel College's course in Editing and Publishing a Literary Magazine. Since 2016, a new group of students each spring has edited and published the annual issue, which is released in the fall.

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